Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Programmer’s Notepad - Superb Editor

I have used many editors for web programming so far. Windows Notepad, Editplus, Notetab for example. But Programmer’s Notepad is just superb! It has so nice features like syntax highlighting, tabbed view, syntax color schemes for variety of programming languages, code folding to name the few.
The most important thing is that its free. It is an Open Source Project. Currently it supports only Windows Operating System. I would like to have a GNU/Linux version also. I am sure they must be working on this.
Programmer’s Notepad has nice add-ons. It has JavaScript DOM and jQuery text clips which comes so handy. I have not seen this particular feature in any other similar text editor.
Programmer’s Notepad is very simple to use and it has clean interface. Official website to download Programmer’s Notepad is


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