Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Programmer’s Notepad - Superb Editor

I have used many editors for web programming so far. Windows Notepad, Editplus, Notetab for example. But Programmer’s Notepad is just superb! It has so nice features like syntax highlighting, tabbed view, syntax color schemes for variety of programming languages, code folding to name the few.
The most important thing is that its free. It is an Open Source Project. Currently it supports only Windows Operating System. I would like to have a GNU/Linux version also. I am sure they must be working on this.
Programmer’s Notepad has nice add-ons. It has JavaScript DOM and jQuery text clips which comes so handy. I have not seen this particular feature in any other similar text editor.
Programmer’s Notepad is very simple to use and it has clean interface. Official website to download Programmer’s Notepad is

Monday, May 05, 2008

Flash is Flashy But not useful for websites

I read this very nice article " 6 Places that Flash Does Not Belong".The author has rightly spotlighted problems in using Flash on websites.I was always against using Flash on websites primarily for the reason that I had seen some layman users getting lost on "You need to download Flash PluIn to view this website" type error message. I have always thought that websites do not need to be so animated where content, its accessibility and Search Engine Ranking is primary focus of most of these.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Blog Moved!

Hello All,
I am moving this blog to WordPress blog. The new url of my blog is Please update ur bookmark.

WordPress gives better service in terms of creating categories, archives also have wide variety of themes and easy customization of those themes.

SO C u there on wordpress. You will be autometically redirected to the new blog or click here!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Originally uploaded by Skyburst.
A superb thought about flowering -

When the tree is overflowing with vitality it blooms and flowers. Flowers are a luxury. Only when you have too much and you cannot contain it, do they burst forth.

Spirituality it is a flowering - it is the ultimate luxury. If you are overflowing with vitality, only then does something like a golden flower bloom in you. William Blake is right when he says 'Energy is delight.' The more energy you have, the more delight you will have.
Despair comes because energy goes on leaking; and people have forgotten how to contain it. In a thousand and one thoughts, worries, desires, imagination, dreams, memories, energy is leaking. And energy is leaking in unnecessary things which can be easily avoided. When there is no need to talk people go on talking. When there is no need to do anything they cannot sit silently: they have to do.
People are obsessed with doing... as if doing is a sort of intoxicant; it keeps them drunk. They remain occupied so they don't have time to think about the real problems of life. They keep themselves busy so that they don't bump into themselves. Otherwise they are afraid -- afraid of the abyss that is yawning there within. So they keep hanging around things necessary, unnecessary; they invent problems and they remain clinging to those problems. This is how the energy goes on leaking and why you never have too much of it.
One has to learn to drop the unnecessary, and ninety percent of ordinary life is unnecessary; it can be easily dropped. One has to be almost telegraphic, just the essential, and you will have so much energy left that one day suddenly you start blooming, for no other reason at all.

Let me tell now whose thought is it? It is by OSHO. I sometimes wonder why this great philosopher has not been accepted in Indian Society to the extent he deserves. There are many controversies about him, about his lifestyle.. About his RollsRoyces.. about From Sex To Enlightment.. and so on....

But he has definitely talked about many other nice things other than sex. No doubt that he was an enlightned master and he made tremendous amount of people happy in his lifetime. His thoughts are fresh and applicable to today's world also..
The above thought is just one of the numerous thoughts he put forward about little things in life.. Isn't it really true what he said above?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is exactly what we want..

This is the picture published in Times Of India on 27th March 2006!
According to me the picture tells the way India should move in future. Without loosing the past and keep eye on the future. The kids shown here are from "ved pathshala" at Nerul!
I think we(Indians) should not loose our past. Many of us are aware of the fact that The Ayurved(sceince of Medicine), The Vaastushastra(Architecture) and many other sciences and techniques have been studied and contributed to a great extend by our ancestors. The Indian culture (Vedic Culture) is the oldest culture in this World. At that time Bhaarat(India) was ahead of all other cultures in all fields of life. We should have respect for our past. But at the same time we should think "How can we contribute to this knowledge?"
Our past was great.. I agree! but it is Past! With the changing time, this knowledge needs updation. Most of the things of these sciences have become outdated. but the base is not. The base on which the Vedic culture is based.. those idiologies have defently not become outdated.
Just because of some outdated things, scraping out the entire system won't be a good idea. By doing this we will fall in a void. Rather we are falling in a void and just to take support we are blindly taking support of other cultures which themselves are not strong enough!
The country which can give direction to the entire World has become directionless but somewhere i think that we still have that spark within us. We can bring that prosporous, World Leader, Superpower Bharat back!
Isn't the picture above tells the same?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Save Power!

I stay in Maharashtra! There's huge amount of Power shortage these days! Maharashtra Electricity Board has taken a bitter decision about this issue which is "LOAD SHEDDING" This means that the whole Maharashtra (except Mumbai) will face at least 3 hrs. of Power Cut every day!
This is disgusting.. This is creating bad impact on industries in Maharashtra.
The politicians, who did not initiated a single new Power Plant in last 10 years are responsible for it. The population and thus the need for power has increased to a great extend in last 10 years and now the existing power supply system is failing to fulfill the need.
Why we as people should not take step in saving the Power?
We can minimize use of ACs
We can switch off the fans and tubelights in the other rooms where nobody is sitting
and even u can think over some other options.... BUT WE NEED TO IMPLEMENT THOSE NOW

Lets Do It!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

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